Saturday, March 03, 2007

Gnomies photos around Roswell

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Noticed right away that we have not been told the truth. Only one Crash site in what '47? I found two that seem to be fairly new. Here's one.......
Here's another. Pretty weird, guess that Anna Nicole is more important then earth being taken over by SPACE ALIENS! Posted by Picasa

Streets of Roswell

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Stopped for a quick bite and to see if we could get a local to talk about the truth.
Met this kid. He said that his name was Bob. Seems to know a lot about alien life, real nice guy. Very talkitive---but did seem to be a little too "touchy,feely" with Gnomie. Told us that wearing tin foil on you head isn't an effective way to keep your brain waves hidden. Good to know!!

Outside is this jeep. Seems like a strange place for a jeep. Wonder if that's part of the cover up. Placing jeeps around town to make it seem like the weather balloons are just an military project. Ha------we won't be fooled! Posted by Picasa

Well, it's getting dark and time to find a safe place to search the skies for UFO's Posted by Picasa

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Gnomie and I picked up a hitchhiker. Neither of us speaks Giraffe so we aren't sure what his name is, but he was definately homeless. We have offered him a place and it looks like he might be coming home with us. Posted by Picasa
Gnomie is enjoying my new "High Maintence" lifestyle! Posted by Picasa

Photos from the botanical garden. Check out the humming bird in this photo. Posted by Picasa

Gnomie visited the botanical gardens. Posted by Picasa
Gnomie and I check out the gifts for the film makers are the A3F Top 20 screening. The films were the best that they have ever been. Had a great time with Jae, Jason, Kai, Christa, Linda and Dick. Great bunch of people. Well time for bed, big day tomorrow. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Gnomie takes his co-pilot job seriously, planning out the trip over breakfast. Posted by Picasa
Kept finding myself pulling over and enjoying the scenery. This photo doesn't show how really beautiful the drive was. Posted by Picasa
When I stopped to shot this picture, Gnomie jumped up on the dashboard. He loves to watch the semis. Posted by Picasa

Photos from our stop at painted Cliff. Gnomie just peeked out through the sunroof because the wind was blowing so hard and was so cold. Think that he might be an inside gnome when we get home!!! Posted by Picasa

Gnomie wants to play. Where's Gnomie??? Think that he's been in the car WAY TOO LONG!! Posted by Picasa